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Ramler av hesten - hurtigruten (

Det gikk heldigvis bra. Laget av NRK. Se mer på
Uploaded: 2011-06-20T20:56:12.000Z

Hurtigruten Minutt for Minutt - the complete voyage in 37 minutes.

Enjoy the complete cruise of M/S Nordnorge from Bergen to Kirkenes in 37 minutes. The original footage was 8040 minutes. The speed in this timelapse varies ...
Uploaded: 2011-07-13T03:10:03.000Z

Highlights of Coastal Norway

Described as "the world's most beautiful voyage", a sailing along the Norwegian coast offers epic landscapes and thrilling adventures. We go where no other ...
Uploaded: 2017-04-20T09:20:16.000Z

Experience summer in Norway

The summer brings renewed energy and warming sunlight. The days are long and, in the north, the midnight sun ensures 24 hours of daylight. Sailing into ...
Uploaded: 2014-10-01T09:06:51.000Z

Hurtigruten In 5 Minutes

This time-lapse documents the 2600 km/134 hour journey of the Norwegian "Hurtigruten" from Bergen to Kirkenes, by some described as the world's most ...
Uploaded: 2011-07-10T02:41:17.000Z

Eine Hurtigruten Postschiffreise

Erfahrt hier was Hurtigruten so einzigartig macht. User Rights: Hurtigruten GmbH. No editing allowed. Eine Verwendung durch Dritte ist nur nach Absprache mit ...
Uploaded: 2015-01-05T13:03:52.000Z

Hurtigruten: 134 hour trip highlights

This June Norwegian public broadcaster NRK aired the most longest documentary yet. The whole Norway and the world could follow the trip of Hurtigruten live ...
Uploaded: 2011-06-22T23:20:52.000Z

Lofoten, Hurtigruten och valsafari – Gone Camping i Norge

Vi tar husbilen till Norge och häpnas av den storslagna naturen. Följ med till ögrupperna som bjuder på svårslagna naturupplevelser bland höga fjäll, kritvita ...
Uploaded: 2014-03-07T09:17:24.000Z


A cabin tour of our outside Arctic Superior cabin on deck 6 of Hurtigruten's Norway expedition ship the MS Nordnorge which sails roundtrip from Bergen to ...
Uploaded: 2017-04-30T16:12:50.000Z

Hurtigruten: Walk through M/S Finnmarken with a steady cam

this is a full-length walk through the MS Finmarka. The walk was shooted with a DJI Osmo.
Uploaded: 2016-03-23T07:39:18.000Z

Christmas & New Year on HURTIGRUTEN in Norway!

Celebrating Christmas & New Year on Hurtigruten is a special experience. The winter time is perfect to observe a real Arctic landscape and Northern lights!
Uploaded: 2017-01-01T19:57:34.000Z

Kayaking in Tromsø

Experience the sea in an intense and exciting way. Together with your experienced guide you paddle in the waters off the coast of Tromsø with the mountains ...
Uploaded: 2014-10-01T08:36:52.000Z

Norsk SlowTV - Hurtigruten - Minutt for Minutt - TV Show Part 01 of 30

This series is also free available on the NRK website. Some of the Clips have been banned in certain countries ...
Uploaded: 2017-05-19T16:11:54.000Z

Norway Hurtigruten Dec. 2017, Bergen - Kirkenes - Bergen

Norwegen Hurtigruten Dezember. 2017, Bergen - Kirkenes - Bergen.
Uploaded: 2018-02-11T20:59:04.000Z

Exploring Spitsbergen

With its location, right on the edge of the ever frozen Arctic Ocean, where the warmer currents of the Gulf Stream meet the cold air and water from the north; ...
Uploaded: 2014-10-01T14:18:51.000Z

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